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Global Politics Magazine provides a forum where politically interested individuals, journalists, academics, and international relations professionals can exchange insights and develop new approaches both to the study of international relations and to the analysis of emerging political trends. We are read in dozens of countries around the world each month, although most of our readership is located in the US and UK.

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Who is Global Politics Magazine produced by?

Our Team Sheet shows how we fit together. 

Dr David Miles – Editor-in-Chief

David Miles is a former Carnegie Scholar and has a PhD from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he teaches in the School of International Relations. He has worked for leading businesses in the UK and Germany including Santander, Lloyds TSB and more recently SAP. Apart from writing for, editing, and publishing Global Politics, his writing has appeared in the Daily Beast, Carnegie Ethics Online, Huff Post and the Scotsman. His interests include American political history, US foreign policy, modern German history, American and German constitutional history, the politics of the European Union, peace and conflict studies, and the politics of the Middle East. When not doing research or teaching, he enjoys good single malts and the charms of the Old Course. He lives in St Andrews, Scotland.

Caelan Mitchell-Bennett – Trainee Associate Editor

Caelan studies International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Originally from Brownsville, Texas, a city directly on the U.S. – Mexican border, he grew up heavily involved in the immigration politics that accompany that area. He has worked on film and advocacy projects with organizations such as the National Bar Association, as well as contributes to several publications in St Andrews. His interests include migration politics, and Middle Eastern and Latin American foreign policy.

Eduardo Gomez – Senior Contributing Editor

Eduardo studies International Relations and Economics at the University of St Andrews. Throughout his degree, Eduardo has been involved in several research projects at the university, including undergraduate research assistantships for the School of Economics and Finance and the Global Challenges Project, organised by the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. His areas of interest consist of Latin American democracy, state terrorism, and global environmental politics.


Hannah Pedone – Trainee Associate Editor

Hannah is studying International Relations and Economics at the University of St Andrews.  As a Laidlaw Scholar, she is involved in undergraduate economics research and will be studying IR at Sciences Po in Paris during the 2019/20 academic year.  Hannah’s areas of interest include global trade, Francophone African Affairs, and African electoral politics.


Dr Kimo Quaintance – Technology, Security and Learning Editor

Kimo Quaintance is a visiting lecturer in cyberpower and national security at the Bundeswehr University Munich, and at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmish-Partenkirchen. He has been researching digital technology and international relations for more than 15 years on topics ranging from illegal online drug markets to the social networks of Somali refugees in Kenya. He regularly consults multinational companies, and European governments on the challenges and opportunities of mass digital connectivity, and is the co-founder of LK Networks, a cybersecurity consultancy based in Munich, Germany.

kimo@global-politics.co.uk or kquaintance@gmail.com

Matthias Bash – Trainee Associate Editor

Matthias is a fourth year International Relations student at the University of St Andrews. His primary interest is political violence and counter-terrorism. He is currently Editor-in-Chief at the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Review.

Max Dowden – Trainee Associate Editor

Max Dowden is currently entering his third year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he is pursuing a joint degree in International Relations and Modern History. At St Andrews, he serves as a contributing analyst for several foreign policy oriented student publications, is a yearly committee chair for the university’s Model United Nations Conference and is the Head of Marketing and Communications for the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference.

Nicholas Pearce – Associate Editor

Nicholas is studying for a joint honours degree in International Relations and Modern History at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He has been nominated by the University to study at Renmin University in Beijing, China during the next academic year, where he hopes to further his research interests in Eurasian economic and security relations, with a specific focus on Chinese foreign policy.


Nora Stai – Contributing Editor

Nora is a student of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Though originally from Oslo, she grew up in France, Switzerland and Belgium. She has worked for numerous student newspapers around Europe, and is currently contributing to a variety of publications in St Andrews.



Dr Quinn Coffey – Middle East Editor

Quinn has a PhD in international relations from the University of St Andrews. He received his MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2011. Quinn’s research focuses on the interplay of identity, religion and politics within the Palestinian Christian communities, in light of the stagnant peace process, demographic decline and the current shape of the Palestinian Authority. Quinn has lived and worked for extended periods in the West Bank where he previously taught at An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine. Prior to this, Quinn worked in the legal field in the United States. Apart from Quinn’s contributions to Global Politics, he is also regular contributor to Open Democracy and has been featured on the award-winning blogs Informed Comment and the Web Arab News Digest (W.A.N.D). Quinn lives and works in Oslo, Norway where he spends his free time playing music, skiing and cycling.


Dr Rikard Jalkebro – Asia Pacific Editor

Rikard has a PhD in international relations from the University of St Andrews with a focus on peace and conflict studies and terrorism studies in the Philippines. He is a graduate of the University of Gothenburg and has masters degrees from the Uppsala University and Dublin City University. Rikard has done extensive fieldwork on terrorist groups in the Philippines and is interested in the relationship between insurgencies and peace agreements. He is a Teaching Fellow in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews and plays football and golf in his spare time.


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