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Global Politics Magazine provides a space for analysts, writers, scholars and international relations professionals to make a full contribution to political debate. Our authors have been published in the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Scotsman, Huff Post, the Daily Beast and the Independent. We welcome articles on international relations, history, law, politics, constitutionalism or public policy. The vast majority of our readers are in the US and UK, but we are also read in dozens of countries around the world each month. Articles should therefore be relevant to the concerns and interests of a global readership even when focused on a specific national or regional topic.

I Want to Write for Global Politics Magazine – What Next?

Business and professional people, students, academics and international relations practitioners read Global Politics. It is therefore important that our articles cater for this very broad and intellectually curious readership. Our readers want to be challenged, provoked, surprised and even entertained by articles which offer them cogent analysis and informed argument. They don’t want long-winded anecdotal pieces, insider jargon, narrow topics, or excessively technical writing.

The perfect Global Politics article should strike a balance between being a reference point for debate among international relations specialists and practitioners while also engaging with and appealing to a more general interest reader.

We welcome all articles relating to contemporary international affairs, but we particularly encourage those which seek to highlight and introduce new ideas and fresh analysis into the political debate.

If you would like to contribute, please check our style guide and email either the submission or a brief outline of the proposed article to us at or

If English is not your first language, the use of a native language proofreader is recommended before submitting articles. Due to the volume of submissions we are unable to give individual feedback. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief is final.

Work with us!

Global Politics publishes continuously. As a result, we are looking for feature articles, interviews and op-ed pieces, as well as experienced writers to serve as regular analysts:

If you would like to participate in the continued success of Global Politics as an analyst, editor, partner organisation or advertiser, please contact David Miles. or

We look forward to working with you!

Editorial Policy

Global Politics Magazine is an open forum for thought and debate. We aim to be politically, socially and geographically inclusive in the articles we commission and receive.

Any particular article will embody the political views of its author but will not represent the political view of Global Politics Magazine.

We hope that different perspectives can inform and illuminate others for a vibrant and inclusive debate.

What we ask of you

Global Politics Magazine is a free forum for debate. Freedom of speech demands respect for individuals – equal respect. Therefore we ask that you respect standards of legality and propriety when contributing to the Magazine.

If you put your name to an article, the work must be yours. Please ensure that ideas from other writers are cited through the use of hyperlinks or references.

Please read our style guide on how to submit articles to Global Politics Magazine should you wish to contribute.

Not for Profit

Global Politics operates on a not for profit and non commercial basis. The team of academics and students who work at Global Politics do so on a voluntary basis and we welcome donations to help with the high running costs of the website. Contributors, writers, academics and students wishing to work with Global Politics or write for us are warmly encouraged to get in touch. Due to our extensive social media and online presence Global Politics provides a forum to allow excellent writers to share their ideas with an audience of academics, students, journalists, IR professionals, policy experts and informed general interest readers. We do not pay for submissions.

Articles should be original to Global Politics when first published.

Thank you.

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The team of academics and students who work at Global Politics do so on a voluntary basis. If you like our content please consider making a donation to help meet the increasingly high running costs of the site.

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