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Video: Trump’s Immigration Policy Assessed

While both sides of the aisle, with some exceptions, have vehemently protested Trump’s ‘No Tolerance’ border immigration policy, which has resulted in the separation of thousands of families, the practical and policy consequences have been unprecedented. From executive orders to ultimatums from federal judges, the discourse in DC often overlooks events ‘on the ground’. This video by Vice succinctly examines the crises which have arisen in both Washington and the border.

Caelan Mitchell-Bennett

About Caelan Mitchell-Bennett

Caelan studies International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Originally from Brownsville, Texas, a city directly on the U.S. – Mexican border, he grew up heavily involved in the immigration politics that accompany that area. He has worked on film and advocacy projects with organizations such as the National Bar Association, as well as contributes to several publications in St Andrews. His interests include migration politics, and Middle Eastern and Latin American foreign policy.

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