Understanding the Ripple Effects of a U.S.-China Trade War

The United States has recently taken an aggressive approach to evening-out what U.S. President Donald Trump sees as a major trade imbalance. At the risk of a possible trade war, the President has implemented tariffs against the EU and China on major goods such as steel and automobiles. But retaliatory tariffs are planned in response. The PBS NewsHour explores how China’s anti-Trump measures may hurt U.S. geostrategic interests.

Ian Doty

About Ian Doty

Ian is a second-year undergraduate international relations student in the University of St Andrews Joint Degree Programme. In graduate school, he wants to study I/O Psychology, or the study of workplace efficiency and corporate teamwork. He actively writes about global issues and is avidly involved in Model United Nations. He likes to read, drink coffee, and travel.

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