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Welcome to Global Politics Magazine! We’re pleased to have you as one of our prospective new analysts. Here are some guidelines for how to style and format your article to ease the process between writing and publishing.

The emphasis when writing should be to present a cogent and well considered argument on themes related to politics, international relations, law, history, society, political culture, or economics.


Length of the Article

We accept submissions of around 800-1000 words. Referencing is optional depending on the nature of the particular piece, but remember to cite any authors or writers appropriately if their arguments or ideas are being used. These references can also appear in the form of a hyperlink, which may be more appropriate in some cases.


Please be concise, and get to the point quickly. Less is more. Hyperlinking is also encouraged, especially to other articles on the GP site if they relate to your topic. It is helpful sometimes to provide links for our readers to articles which might illustrate a particular facet of your article in greater detail. Please remember, however, that hyperlinks should be used to provide additional information to allow readers to explore more around a particular issue. Links should not be used for essential information necessary to understanding a particular point, where that information has not been included in the article itself. When uploading an article to the site, please use the hyperlink button to connect a phrase or key words in your article to a relevant link.

i.e. There are many search engines available on the Internet, but I prefer to use Google. (

It is fine to insert your personal views and opinions, just make sure they are clearly stated, well written, and supported by evidence, either through referencing or links.


It is recommended that you copy your article into Notepad and then copy from Notepad into the content management system.

There should be a single space after a full stop or punctuation mark.

New paragraphs should not be indented, but separated from the previous paragraph/subtitle by a single line space.


Please provide the following:

  1. A succinct (one sentence) ‘hook’ to accompany the submission for when we promote your article.
  2. Biography: Articles are accompanied by a brief (2-4 sentences) bio of the author. Please include where you work/study plus anything else of interest/relevance.

Post-submission: Spreading the word

We rely on our writers and readers to encourage their politically inclined and involved friends to write for us and visit our website. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you post a link to your article once it is published on any social networking sites you belong to, whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Email your family and friends and let them know that you’ve been published on the site. Increased traffic to the site through our writers and their contacts will therefore help us to disseminate your article to our readers in over 100 countries around the world.


Please send your submission as a Word document to

We will check submissions for both quality and style. Any minor changes we will make ourselves before publishing the article. If there are any more major changes we think need to be made, we will work with you towards a finished article.

The Editor-in-Chief of Global Politics has the final word on publication – if the editing process takes some time, we may decide to delay publication.

Once an article is submitted it will go onto our front page and will stay in the site’s archive as the site is updated.

Cross-post to Global Politics. In certain circumstances will consider exceptional articles for publication which have been originally published elsewhere, provided the original publisher allows it.

Good luck with your writing – and welcome to Global Politics!

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